I was not sure whether I should love or hate the Triple Mix


After a great IRONMAN weekend in Calella with fun age group “Dolfijnen” I was super excited when Paulina asked me to start for the 1st Divisie on the Super Sunday Triple Mix in Almere 1 week later.

Although we have practiced this new form of „TripleTriatlon“ during the trainingsweek on Mallorca, at first sight I was not sure whether I should love or hate the Triple Mix. For a long distance diesel motor like me, T1 and T2 are the relax moments during a race. But not in the Triple Mix… your heart rate actually feels to peak HR zone 5 when entering the transition area.

Unfortunately Kirsten and Kirsty were not able to start due to injuries/ sickness, so Paulina and Marijke gave a strict advice to stay healthy for the competitions. It didn’t last too long … Marleen, Janneke and myself took the last chance to practice our transition for the super sunday the day before the race close to Sloterplas. I ended up with a broken toe (as the doctor informed me monday after the race).

Thanks to Iboprofen and adrenaline we started sunday with a complete team of 4 highly motivated girls (Margreet, Janneke, Iris and myself). Luckily there were no further surprises during the race. Transitions could of course be faster but we all cycled with both shoes and our feet in the shoes on the bike (which was already some kind of success comparing to funny hick ups in the Eredivisie ). Surprisingly the swimming times appeared to be faster without wetsuit than with and the 3rd heat runs showed the fastest run splits. Great team work combined with top support from Paulina, Marijke and Mareille (Heroes of the T-zones) were the ideal ingredients to end up on the 6th place in the 1st race of the 1te Divisie 2018 season. Big thanks to Cor Mantel for the great bike set ups.

We look forward for great season 2018!

Geschreven door: Anna Mersmann (1eDivisie De Dolfijn)

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