Welcome! Triatlonvereniging (= Triathlonclub) De Dolfijn Amsterdam was founded in 1984 and currently has over 140 members, ranging from rookies to top class triathletes. De Dolfijn combines friendly companionship with performance. Dutch? Click here!

Training sessions are hosted by several swim coaches, a cycling coach and a running coach. Swim sessions are held at the Sloterparkbad pool, throughout the year. Cycling is split up in summer, outdoor, and winter, indoor plans. Run sessions are helt at the track of AAC.

For training updates check the dutch training page: dolfijntriathlon.nl/trainingen


Dressing rooms ladies: 9 & 10
Dressing rooms men: 12 & 13

Please be on time and in the pool by the start of the session.

Sloterparkbad (swim location indoor):
President Allendelaan 3
1064 GW Amsterdam
Website: Sloterparkbad

Dag Tijd Locatie Trainer Onderwerp
Monday 20:15 – 21:158 8 x 25 m. shallow
Lane 1 & 2 Eredivisie
Linda & Erik Interval training
Tuesday 19:30 – 20:30 8 x 25 m. shallow Diamantino &
Technique training
Wednesday  20:15 – 21:15  Bijlmerbad (from 4 oktober)  Dafne Endurance training
Thursday 19:30 – 20:30 4 x 25 m shallow for beginners Wouter & Erik Technique training
20:30 – 21:30 8 x 25 m. deep
Lane 7 & 8 Eredivisie
Jean-Philippe & Daphne
Interval training
Saturday 10:15 – 11:15 8 x 25 m. deep Diamantino,
Jean-Philippe & Bart
Sprint training
Sunday 08:00 – 09:00 4 x 50 m. Martijn Endurance training + 1 lane technique


Would you like to become a faster/ better cyclist? Be there for our Dolfijn cycling training on Tuesday evenings at 19.00 hrs at the Sloterparkbad (only in summer season).

Each session has it’s own focus on different technique skills and an interval program. Don’t forget your helmet and energy drink. The training is open for athletes all levels.

During our winter season it’s possible to train at WattCycling, subscription and payment via their website with 10% discount for Dolfijn Triathletes.


Location: Atletiekvereniging AAC, Willinklaan 7 Amsterdam

Wednesday, 19.15 – 20.30, Trainer: Paul Bierman & Pieter Iedema

The run training is organised at the track of athletics club AAC. Prior to the core session you need to do your own warming up on the track or outside. On Wednesday’s there’ll be usually a group of athletes to start with a warming up at 18.50 hrs, the coached session starts at 19.15 on the dot. The first part of the training session consists of several jump, stretch and technique drills. After this the main session starts. Everybody can participate at their own level.

Become a member

A season starts August 1st and runs to July 31st. For the ’15/’16 season, contribution is set at € 395,- or € 419,-. This includes membership of the National Triathlete Union (NTB), bases on an athlete licence. However it excludes a one time registration fee of € 10,00. More information on licenses can be found, in Dutch, on the NTB website.

You can become a member at any time during the season, and we’re currently accepting new members again!

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