My Dutch experience with Dolfijn triathlon Club started on February 2018 when I moved from Barcelona to Amsterdam accepting a job offer.

My name is Mònica Batlle Carreras and one of my favorites hobbies is doing triathlon. For this reason, finding a good triathlon Club in the city was a must in my adventure.

With this main aim I found ‘Triathlonvereniging De Dolfijn’ and started my nice experience with them.

Sometimes it can be difficult to live in a new country, with a new job, new culture and new people. Joining the Club has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever done in this new life as allowed me to know wonderful people that share the same passion for triathlon.

The group trainings offered by the trainers are multiple and almost every day of the week (including Saturday and Sunday), including transition trainings and social events. Additionally, many other members of the Club join the trainings so it’s a great opportunity to share the workout, share feelings, share goals and find a group of people with my same level that encourages every day to improve and achive new marks. Trainers are very professional and help everybody to improve the technique and the speed keeping the motivation.

The fact that trainings are in Dutch is making it more challenging and personally I do have to struggle in every training. On the other hand, colleagues are always willing to help with the language issues and the translation. However, in order to fully experience and enjoy the ‘Triathlonvereniging De Dolfijn’ I would suggest to learn Dutch.

As a conclusion of my experience with the Dolfijn, I can say I’m very satisfied and happy to be in a social-sportive environment with very nice people that allows me to feel included and accepted in this new life!

Please feel free to approach me if you have questions or want to know more. I try to attend as much trainings as possible so I should be easy to find!

Mònica Batlle Carreras