Early in February, some members of Dolfijn took to the muddy yet rewarding pathways of the Twiskemolenloop. With the wonderfully sunny start to February…what better reason is there to get outside and run a race?!

It was quite a success despite the muddy first few meters and sneaky patches of ice.  No matter what the weather forecast is, Dolfijnen are always ready to face the renbaan with courage!

The Twiskemolenloop is a smaller race with beautiful views. Most of the running paths are located on the cycle paths through the recreation area of Het Twiske with the added bonus of the 5 km, 10 km, 16.1 km and the 21.1 km trails holding official certification from the Athletics Union. Given these top racing conditions and locations, the Dolfijn members in attendance were brushed with confidence that this would be a great race ahead.

At the sound of the announcer in the late morning, all the racers took their places and found their corresponding positions in the race. Outside in the chilly air and crowded entry areas, all of the 16k, 10k, 5k, and 3k racers came together and anxiously waited for their groups to be called. The races all began with the first lap through the wet mud and then a quick sprint into the official trails along the water and into the forest. With the sun shining down on everyone and the wind blowing gently through the air, all the racers felt at ease and were able to soar through the trails – swiftly avoiding all ice patches along the way.

In the end, Daniëlle took the 1st place prize in the 3km and Pascalle took the 1st place in her division for the 5km! Way to go, ladies! It was a splendid Dolfijn team effort from start to finish. Well done, everyone!